Documenting Human Rights

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Prof. Karen Busby and Dr. Rhonda Hinther are co-editing a new book series on human rights and social justice for University of Manitoba Press. Busby is director of the Centre for Human Rights Research and Hinther is former director of research and curation at the Canadian Musuem for Human Rights.

University of Manitoba professors Adam Muller, Andrew Woolford and Busby have edited a collection of essays titled The Idea of a Human Rights Museum, which was published by the University of Manitoba Press in October 2015. One chapter highlights University of Manitoba research on the ability of new digital technologies to represent suffering in contemporary museums. (See related CBC story.)

Law students are also invited to do independent research papers with Prof. Busby on topics suggested by Canadian Museum for Human Rights researchers.

Meanwhile, the Centre for Human Rights Research has supported:

  • development of writing projects for social justice and human rights by University of Manitoba education professors Michelle Honeyford and Wayne Serebrin; and
  • creation of a documentary on the Barefoot Teachers Initiative in India.