The Centre for Human Rights Research invites proposals from University of Manitoba faculty members who want to explore new collaborative, interdisciplinary research projects. Priority will be given to pre-tenure faculty* and to research projects that fit in one of our four focus areas:

See a list of recent recipients.

We may be able to help you get a research project off the ground by connecting you to other researchers and community groups, providing organizational or administrative assistance, and offering startup financial support.

Note that this program focuses on new research projects. It is not intended to support bringing in speakers, dissemination of research (such as publication support or conference travel) or academic programming.

Amount: We anticipate small grants of $500-2,500, although promising proposals could receive a larger amount. The funds might cover such expenses as student research assistant wages, travel to meet with a research partner or focus group expenses.

Deadline: Oct. 1.

How to apply: Email a 1-2 page proposal outlining:

  • the research project you are thinking about working on;
  • how we might be able to help;
  • if you are requesting money, a simple budget and timeline indicating start and end dates;
  • some information about yourself, such as a CV or link to your web page; and
  • whether the work to be aided by CHRR requires and has received ethics approval. (We recommend that you start drafting your ethics proposal before applying for a CHRR grant, to prevent delays in receiving funds.)

Evaluation criteria include:

  • alignment with our mission;
  • evidence of collaboration across disciplines;
  • intention to use this project as a springboard for applying for larger grants;
  • our capacity to meet your needs; and
  • feasibility of the proposed project.

Successful applicants must:

  • Contact Jenna Silva at the Office of Research Services about setting up a research fund to receive any money awarded by CHRR. ORS will require a signed Funding Application Approval Form, the original proposal, CHRR’s funding confirmation email and any applicable ethics approvals. (Start right away. This process may take longer than you expect, especially if you do not yet have ethics approval.)
  • Remind ORS to contact research accounting to allocate a fund number, which will be in a format like this: 31XXXX XXXXXX 2000. Once you have the fund number, forward it to the CHRR manager and ask her to confirm to research accounting that they can transfer the funds. Note that any funds not transferred by Mar. 31 may need to be forfeited by the applicant.
  • Provide a short title and 50-100 word description of the project to use on the CHRR website and in promotional and reporting materials.
  • Meet with CHRR director Adele Perry at the start of the project to work out details of CHRR’s role.
  • Report briefly to the CHRR on how the funds were used.
  • Return any unused funds to CHRR.
  • Acknowledge the University of Manitoba Centre for Human Rights Research as a funder in any resulting research publications and in any event promotional material related to the research.

Feel free to email Dr. Adele Perry to discuss a proposal prior to submission.

*Established faculty members are encouraged to also apply to the University Collaborative Research Program for seed money.