This opportunity is on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Undergraduate and graduate students in sociology, psychology, Native studies, social work, community health sciences, human rights, law, political studies, fine arts, education, kinesiology, management studies, nursing, history or other Faculty of Arts disciplines may be eligible for research assistant stipends to support a wide range of research on dignity promotion for those impacted by fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

  • Stipends will range from $15 to $20 per hour at the undergraduate level, $21 to $30 at the master’s level and $30 to $35 at the PhD level, depending on experience and professional specialty.
  • Engagement on research projects may occur part-time during academic terms and/or full-time during the summer or practicum terms.
  • Some student researchers will have the opportunity to travel to First Nation communities throughout Manitoba.
  • Some student researchers will have the opportunity to travel to conferences and knowledge exchange events.
  • Students will gain experience with innovative research approaches such as photovoice, arts-based methods, digital storytelling, sharing circles and community cafes and see how these methods compare to traditional methods such as interviewing, focus groups and surveys.
  • Some students will gain experience with how knowledge is mobilized in academic and community settings.
  • Students may either work under the supervision of an existing member of the research team or another university academic who will be recruited to mentor the student in the selected research activity.

Presentation from student information session.

For more information, contact project director