CHRR Strategic Plan 2023-2028

Context for the Strategic Plan

In its first decade, the CHRR has provided support to researchers working on human rights topics and hosted numerous public talks and events. As CHRR leadership evaluated their accomplishments and at the suggestion of the Senate Committee on University Research (SCUR), CHRR decided that strategic input from its Research Affiliates, staff, and students would be useful to guide next steps and provide direction to Centre’s future work.

Engagement Process

CHRR Research Affiliates, staff, and students gathered at the University of Manitoba on March 10, 2023, for a half-day strategic planning workshop led by Dr. Sarah Cooper and Lila Asher. There was a hybrid option for those who preferred to attend virtually, and the CHRR circulated a survey to gather input from those who could not attend.

The workshop was organized into two parts: the first focused on participants’ overall vision for the CHRR and the second used a PARK (Preserve, Add, Remove, Keep Out) process to gather more specific input about what participants would like CHRR’s work to look like moving forwards. Participants worked in small groups to generate ideas, which they wrote on post-it notes and then added to posters for each question.

After the workshop, the facilitation team organized the participants’ ideas and worked with CHRR leadership to develop the strategic plan.

The full Strategic Plan can be accessed here.

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