BRAID Self-Guided Anti-Racism Walking Tour 2022

August 3, 2022 all-day
Various locations (see below)

About the walking tour:

One of the primary objectives of the BRAID Network for Health Educators is to support anti-racist education in correspondence with Indigenous ways of knowing, being, and doing. Winnipeg, a vibrant and multicultural city, has been the site of Indigenous-specific racism and ongoing colonialism; yet, there are also noteworthy anti-racist initiatives that contribute to making Winnipeg a safer and more equitable city. Within the BRAID Network, we wish to highlight both the challenges and successes in order to support multi-faceted and progressive anti-racist education.

This summer, we invite participants to take part in the BRAID Anti-Racism Walking Tour in Winnipeg! Over the span of ten weeks, we will introduce a variety of locations that hold significance to Indigenous-specific racism and Indigenous resilience in the Winnipeg region. We will provide all of the information you’ll need before you go, a brief synopsis of why we chose each location, and various ways to support your community and teaching practices moving forward. We encourage you to bring family, friends, and loved ones to each location as a way to continue the meaningful anti-racism conversations happening in and around Winnipeg. In doing so, we hope to provide a more interactive form of anti-racism education that allows participants to learn different perspectives in Winnipeg history, understand the contributions of Indigenous Peoples in the creation and ongoing vitalization of Winnipeg, and form a deeper connection to the place they might call home.

“Land, as a theoretical and philosophical concept, comprises storied and journeyed connections of self-in-relationship – to each other, to our places, and to all of creation – as a central model for interpretation and meaning-making.”1

1 Smith, Tuck, E., & Yang, K. W. (2018). Indigenous and decolonizing studies in education: Mapping the long view (Smith, E. Tuck, & K. W. Yang, Eds.). Routledge.

New locations will be released each week! Stay informed by being added to our mailing list at or by following our BRAID Instagram account (@braidnetwork).