Critical Conversations: Human Rights and Historic Wrongs in Canada

January 31, 2022 @ 2:30 pm – 3:45 pm
Centre for Human Rights Research
Adele Perry

In 2022, the University of Manitoba’s Centre for Human Rights Research annual seminar series will be online, and run in conjunction with a senior/honours course in the Department of History, Faculty of Arts.  Our theme is “Historic Wrongs and Human Rights in Canada.”  Please join us to hear leading scholars from across Canada discuss their research examining different moments of dispossession, unfreedom, incarceration, and expulsion, and how researchers and curators have navigated them.  For more information, please contact Adele Perry at

31 January 2022: Robert Alexander Innes, Associate Professor, Department of Political Scinece and Indigenous Studies Programme, McMaster University: “Questions that Convey Indigenous Historical Perspectives (That Challenge How Canadians View Indigenous History)”

7 March 2022: Harvey Amani Whitfield, Professor, Department of History, University of Calgary, “Experiences of Enslaved Black People in Colonial Canada”

14 March 2022: Renisa Mawani, Professor, Department of Sociology, University of British Columbia: “Across Oceans of Law”

21 March 2022: Rhonda Hinther, Associate Professor, History, Brandon University, and Jim Mochoruk, Professor, History, University of North Dakota, “Civilian Internment”

28 March 2022: Anne Lindsay and Erin Millions, Manitoba Indigenous Tuberculosis History Project, University of Winnipeg, “The Patients who Never Came Home: ‘Indian’ Tuberculosis and Indigenous Health Care in Manitoba, 1930s-1970s”

4 April 2022: Allyson Stevenson, Gabriel Dumont Chair in Metis Studies, University of Saskatchewan, “The Sixties Scoop and Indigenous Resistance”

17 April 2022: Scott de Groot, Curator, Canadian Museum for Human Rights, “Dangerously Different: Canada’s LGBTQ2+ Purge and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights”

2:30pm to 3:45pm. Please note that registration via zoom is required. Link: