Human Rights & Older Adults

January 30, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
200B Human Ecology Building
35 Chancellors Cir
MB R3T 2N2
Robson Hall
(204) 474-6130

Robson Hall Visiting Scholar, Dr. Albert Evrard, presents on Human Rights & Older Adults

Thursday, Jan. 30, 1:00 p.m. in Human Ecology Building Room 200B


Presentation Abstract

How Human Rights crosses the paths of the elderly, and why is this crossing so difficult to think about?

After a lengthy period of maturation, Law and Aging has increasingly developed, in some countries, into a fully recognized discipline (courses, trainings, journals, Master Programs, scholarship, etc.). This transversal and thematic discipline draws inspiration from domestic and regional legal developments as well as international public and international private law.  As longevity lengthens and as the global population ages, the Human Rights of the Older Persons has quickly become an expending area of concern and research interest.

At Robson Hall, Faculty of Law, the main research project consists of updating 15 years of evolution in International and Regional Human Rights and suggest a comprehensive articulation of freedoms, rights and duties fitting this specific cohort of population. The updating draws upon the growing abundance of hard (court decisions, quasi-judicial decisions, and treaty-based obligations) and soft law – the bulk of which arises from international and regional materials – relevant to Ageing. It incorporates and canvasses the political context within which the evolution has occurred.


An Attorney and Legal Adviser based in Brussels (Belgium) for 14 years, Albert Evrard shifted from practice to academia to cultivate a long-held commitment to research and action related to Aging, an interest animated by the Occidental world’s consideration of growing older as an integral life-giving process. Begun with an initial investigation of law and domestic violence, the research deepened through an exploration of Old Age in Art and an in-depth investigation of theological, spiritual and anthropological approaches to Aging as individual and collective phenomenon (2013-2015, National Gallery of Ontario, Regis College, University of Toronto). Bedrock experiences in Elder Law Clinic in Canada and USA – including an internship at the Elder Law Legal Clinic in Montreal (McGill University) proved central informative experiences. Important aspects of this research and action journey included time spent in nursing homes (including one in Portage-la-Prairie and Jerusalem).  This experiential piece allowed for the development of self-awareness, profound insights into ethical issues and knowledge of the resources available to the elderly, to staff who work with the elderly. This 2019-2020 Visiting Research Position at Robson Hall, University of Manitoba offers a great opportunity to update a book published in 2005 (in French) on Older Persons: A International and European Human Rights Perspective, as well as to explore related issues and developments.