Intro to Transformative Justice: Beyond Punishment & the Carceral State

December 6, 2022 @ 9:00 am – 11:30 am
Virtual Event
$38.15 per session

About this event

An introduction to the principles & practices of transformative justice & abolition for police & prison free futures.

This workshop introduces participants to the core values and principles of transformative justice, centering on the most vulnerable members in our communities through a framework of community accountability is at the core of the session. Participants will explore some practical tools for interpersonal and community interventions as well as reflections on punitive justice and cultivating a toolkit for collective liberation through self reflection, mutual responsibility and healing. The workshop uses the anti-oppressive framework to explore power dynamics and the socio-political conditions that facilitate and amplify harm.

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Free Up! is an 8 part abolition & transformative justice learning series benefitting the Prisoner Emergency Support Fund. Organized by Rania El Mugammar, with generous contributions from guest facilitators, this virtual series features workshops, panels, case studies and labs that explore justice for incarcerated folks, dreaming and building abolitionist futures, transformative justice in our families, building alternatives to policing, mutual aid and more.

The series can be experienced as an immersive course, or on a session-by-session basis*. 100% of ticket sales support the Prisoner Emergency Support Fund.

*Please note that Intro to Transformative Justice – the first session in the series is a prerequisite for case studies and more advanced/later sessions. Please see each session description for more information.

Please note:

We strive to create a brave space for all participants. In order to help folks make bold moves into progressive thinking and actions, all conversations and material shared during these workshops are strictly confidential and cannot be shared through media of any kind.

Access the full session schedule here.

5:00 PM CDT & 9:00 AM PDT start times. See schedule for details. 

Part 1: Introduction to Transformative Justice: Beyond Punishment & the Carceral State

Part 2: Abolition Now: Learning with & from Our Incarcerated Kin

with El Jones & Souheil Benslimane

Part 3: Transforming Justice: Practices & Challenges in Interpersonal & Community Repair

Part 4: When we get free: Transformative Justice & Abolition

with Erica Violet Lee

Part 5: Building Alternatives to Policing : Mutual Aid, Pod Building & Safety Planning Lab

Part 6: TJ at the Kitchen Table: Transformative Justice & Kinship Ties

with Dr. Rachel Zellars

Part 7: Abolition & Survival: Transforming Sexual Violence

Part 8: Closing Session: Coming Together/Final Gathering