Reweaving Support: A Feminist Social Safety Net for Manitoba

January 26, 2022 @ 7:00 pm
Online via Zoom
Marianne Cerilli

Reweaving Support, and other similar GBA+ projects getting underway in Manitoba, have been a long time coming. These feminist systems change projects, funded by Status of Women Canada, are timely opportunities to effect substantive changes in our province.

You are invited to learn about a new approach to working for change and to get involved in Reweaving Support. We are building the core team of this project to reimagine and reweave our social safety net through collaborations in five areas – gender based violence, CFS, childcare, housing security and income security.

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Woman Healing for Change Inc., the group behind Reweaving Support, has been working since the early 1990s to empower women. There is a sense that the time for tinkering is past, we need fundamental changes as the pandemic, structural inequity and climate change threaten to create a permanent state of crisis. We are dreaming big, setting goals, and taking action to organize to reach these goals.

1.       Reweaving the feminist/women’s movement in Manitoba, building the network structures, relationships, and movement tools. Building the infrastructure for our change work.

2.       Applying GBA+ or intersectional feminist systems analysis on the social safety net and Manitoba government structures.

3.       Mapping the social safety net systems and creating our systems change plan using trauma informed feminist systems change approach. Using other tools like the Change Matrix and Theory of Change Continuum, as well as gender based budgeting strategies to ensure clear and comprehensive plans for the implementation of our vision and plans.

4.       Creating new collaborative governance structures between the community, government, and other stakeholders to ensure we work together to translate research and knowledge into evidence based programs and services.

5.       Build the capacity of the community to gather stories of lived experience from organizations, advocates and service users navigating these systems for participatory action research. And implement the research recommendations waiting to be implemented.

6.       Ensure the funding and implementation of new innovating strategies for a social safety net in Manitoba that is based on intersectional gender based understanding, that is trauma informed, evidence based, etc.

We have spent our careers working for equity and inclusion for diverse women and girls. Though there have been improvements, it feels like those gains are precarious as poverty and inequity, violence, and abuse, as well as inadequate social support continues. Let’s change that, let’s work together to reweave our movement and our social safety net.