The Dispute of Human Rights in the Light of Historical Prejudice: The Specific Case of African Societies

October 12, 2022 @ 9:00 am
Virtual Event
Human Rights Research and Education Centre

Join us for this online presentation by Professor Roger Koudé, holder of the UNESCO Chair Mémoire, Cultures et Interculturalitéexternal link at the Catholic University of Lyon.

One of the keys to understanding the ideological dispute between Africa and the West on the subject of human rights seems to be explained by the tragic experiences that the African continent has undergone in previous centuries, in particular transatlantic slavery and the slave trade, followed by colonization as a system of domination of peoples by other peoples. In addition to these two tragedies and their current consequences, there are contemporary practices that sometimes result in strategies of instrumentalization of human rights for geopolitical purposes. How can we resolve this ideological dispute with numerous consequences and work together for the universality of human rights, as it is unambiguously proclaimed by the international legal instruments relating to it, as a common ideal?

**Event in French.