Student_reading1Although the United Nations has declared education a human right, many children do not have access to education, let alone a quality education. The Faculty of Education strives to address this issue through continuously working with educators, conducting relevant research, and shaping the teachers of tomorrow.

With a degree from the Faculty of Education, graduates can teach at any Manitoban K-12 grade classroom and in many classrooms throughout the world. The meaningful skills acquired through an education degree can also lead graduates to careers outside of the classroom. The Faculty offers programs at the bachelor, post-baccalaureate, master, and doctorate levels.

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Critical Applied Linguistics in a Global Context (EDUB 7212)

We will examine the role of English comparatively and internationally in a variety of educational systems and regimes, relating the micro-relations of applied linguistics to the macro relations of society, exploring the roles of critical theory in language teaching and learning, and developing self-reflexivity as scholars in second language education.

Culture, Citizenship and Curriculum (EDUB 7270)

An examination of the role of school curricula in preserving, transmitting and transforming conceptions and practices of culture and citizenship, with particular reference to social and political education in schools.

Seminar in Cross-Cultural Education 1 (EDUA 7270)

A critical analysis of the social theories and research which form the basis of cross-cultural education.

Seminar in Cross-Cultural Education 2 (EDUA 7280)

A critical analysis of the approaches and research in cross-cultural education.

Cross-Cultural and Diversity Counselling (EDUA 7560)

A study of the influences of multiculturalism and diversity on counselling as a professional activity, addressing counsellor self awareness, identity, beliefs and skills.

Seminar in Inclusive Special Education (EDUA 7600)

A forum for the discussion of topics related to disability issues. Opportunity will be provided for students to examine issues related to their particular professional and scholarly needs.

Seminar in Environmental Education (EDUB 7990)

Designed for students wishing to concentrate on science teaching and learning within the context of environmental education. Existing and projected programs and approaches to environmental education will be subjected to critical analysis.