french_studyThe ability to speak another language in today’s world of disappearing boundaries and enhanced communication is invaluable. The capacity to exchange ideas and information in our neighbours’ language and the insight into the culture and history of our co-workers derived from that study are a necessary part of mutual understanding.

As a country that prides itself on being multicultural, we can only benefit ourselves and others by improving and enhancing our language skills.

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Voices and Images of Latin America (SPAN 2210)

A study of the important figures that have influence on social and artistic movements of the Latin American culture such as Frida Khalo, Diego Rivera, Che Guevara, and Fernando Botero.

Littérature feminine francaise (FREN 2680)

Une étude de textes écrits par des femmes et analysés selon la perspective des théories féministes contemporaines.

Littératures francophones d”Afrique et des Antilles (FREN 2770)

Études des principales tendances littéraires de l’Afrique et des Antilles francophones depuis l’époque coloniale jusqu’à nos jours: négritude, engagement anticolonial, post-indépendance et désillusion, créolité, immigration. Lecture d’oeuvres marquantes.

Testimony and Human Rights in Latin America (SPAN 3320)

A survey of the culture of human rights in Latin America through its testimonial literature.  This course will be taught in Spanish.

Community Service Learning in Latin America