hart02Social Work is an excellent field of study for individuals looking to enhance the lives and well-being of others.

Whether you have a passion for working with exploited children or are interested in working in health care, there are endless opportunities available to our graduates across Canada, giving students the flexibility in choosing the right career path for them.

At the Faculty of Social Work, students receive real-life experience through field placement. Our Field Education Program places students in various community agencies across the province.

Introduction to Social Welfare Policy Analysis (SWRK 1310)

Examination of social welfare policy as the end product of ideologies. Introduction of elements of ideology and the comparison of competing ideological systems. The relationship of economic, political and ethical views of society and their manifestations in societal responses to human need and social services.

Feminist Perspectives on Social Work Practice and Social Welfare Policy (SWRK 4210)

An analysis of social work practice and welfare policy from a feminist perspective. Course emphasizes the integration of social work intervention with policy in the social welfare context and overlays concepts such as empowerment, ecological practice, oppression, and practice in context of cultural diversity.

Aboriginal People and Social Work Practice (SWRK 4220)

An analysis of social work practice and welfare policy from an aboriginal perspective. The course emphasizes the linkage between practice and policy and overlays concepts such as colonization, decolonizatino, and approaches to practices which include cross culture, structure, and anti-oppression in the context of Aboriginal world views, experience and helping practices.

Policy Analysis in Social Work Practice (SWRK 7440)

A course focused on the development of knowledge and skills for planning social policies and social programs with special attention to the importance of policy analysis. Analytical and practice skills are developed through case studies and a critical review of theories and models.

Critical Perspectives and Social Work (SWRK 7600)

This course focuses on exploring the relationship between critical social theories and social work. Students will examine social work theory and practice from critical theoretical perspectives and analyze their current and past policy and practice experiences from these perspectives.