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An International Academic Forum on the Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Jan. 18-19, 2019, organized by Prof. Brenda Gunn and Celeste McKay
Alexey Tsykarev, Edtami Mansayagan, Diego Tituaña, Mariam Wallet Med Aboubakrine, Edward John, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, Erika Yamada, Kristen Carpenter


Opening remarks by Manitoba Indigenous leaders Kevin Hart and Will Goodon (video)

Mariam Wallet Med Aboubakrine, Chair of UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (video)

Kristen Carpenter: Sacred Sites & Human Rights (slides) (video)

Claire Charters,  Chair of the UN Voluntary Fund for Indigenous Peoples (video)

Dalee Sambo Dorough: UN Indigenous-specific Mechanisms (slides) (video)

Andrew Erueti, Associate Professor, University of Auckland (video)

Wilton Littlechild: Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (slides)  (presentation video) (Oilers tribute video)

Edtami Mansayagan, Member of the Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples for Asia (video)

Naiomi Metallic: Innovative Models for First Nations Child Welfare (slides) (video)

Victoria Tauli-Corpuz: Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (slides) (video)

Aleksei Tsykarev: Cultural and Linguistic Rights in the Russian Federation (slides) (video)

Erika Yamada: Yanomami, landmark case for land rights in Brazil (slides) (video)

Closing panel with Al Benoit, Edward John and June Lorenzo (video)

Forum agenda