October 19, 2018

National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation, University of Manitoba,

Winnipeg, Manitoba

(please note: this is a preliminary schedule. It may be revised prior to the workshop)


  • All workshop participants will have read the long version of the workshop papers (15-20 pages) beforehand.
  • Presentations and student-led research discussions will be no longer than 15 minutes; this will allow for 45 minutes of discussion at the end of each session.Friday, October 19, 2018

8:00am taxi from Fort Garry Hotel to National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation

8:30am: Coffee (for presenters)

9:00am: Panel 1: Genocide Representation and Prevention

  • Andrew Woolford, Adam Muller and Struan Sinclair (University of Manitoba): Risky Times and Spaces: Settler Colonialism and the Everyday Ethics of Genocide Prevention through a Virtual Indian Residential School
  • Kerry Whigham (Columbia University): Scenarios of Intractability: Reframing Intractable Conflict and Its Transformation
  • Jobb Arnold (University of Winnipeg): Envisioning a Village Model for Genocide Prevention

10:30am: Coffee break

10:50am: Panel 2: Local and Institutional Approaches to Genocide/Atrocity Prevention

  • Jim Waller (Keene State University): ‘Genocide Is Worth It:’ Challenges to Broadening the Logic of Atrocity Prevention
  • Hollie Nyseth Brehm (Ohio State University): Moving Beyond the State: An Imperative for Genocide Prevention
  • Julia Zulver (University of Oxford) Learning from High Risk Feminism: Emergent Lessons about Women’s Agency in Conflict Contexts

12:20pm: Lunch break (lunch served for presenters)

1:20pm: Panel 3: Student/Emerging Scholar Research Discussion

  • Wanda Hounslow (University of Manitoba)
  • Willa-Rae Culpepper (Rutgers)
  • Laura Cohen (Rutgers)

3:10pm: Coffee break

3:30pm: Panel 4: Genocide/Atrocity Prevention and Critique

  • Ernesto Verdeja (University of Notre Dame): Critical Genocide Studies and Mass Atrocity Prevention
  • Daniel Feierstein (UNTREF): Human Rights? What a good idea! From Universal Jurisdiction to Preventive Criminology
  • Alex Hinton (Rutgers University): Rethinking Genocide and Atrocity Crime Prevention

5:00pm: Closing Discussion of Key Themes and Workshop Publication

7:30pm: Dinner (for presenters)