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CHRR Project “Period Poverty and Equity, on Campus and Beyond” Featured in The Manitoban

July 04, 2023


Corey Petsnik

Image by Ebunoluwa Akinbo

Period Poverty and Equity, on Campus and Beyond is a one-year project funded by the University of Manitoba’s Strategic Initiatives Support Fund that utilizes a menstrual justice lens to bring together faculty and staff, with students and organizations, to address period poverty and promote period equity here on the University of Manitoba campuses.

Dr. Lindsay Larios from the Faculty of Social Work, who will lead the interdisciplinary team alongside CHRR director Dr. Adele Perry and Dr. Julia Smith from UManitoba Labour Studies, was recently interviewed about the project by the Manitoban.

“We’ve identified this as a really crucial moment to assess what the available resources are,” Larios said, “and consider kind of a wider justice-based model for thinking about how we distribute menstruation products and how this might be affecting students, but also other community members.”

To learn more about the project – including its goals and approach – read the full story on the Manitoban’s website.

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