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February 06, 2024

Bridging the disconnect between the criminal legal system and the reproductive justice movement with Martha Paynter, PhD

Event Date: February 06, 2024
Event Location: 108 St. John's College
Event Time: 2:30 - 4:00 PM

On Tuesday, February 6th, the Centre for Human Rights Research and the Margaret Laurence Endowment Fund was honoured to host a seminar entitled Bridging the disconnect between the criminal legal system and the reproductive justice movement with Dr. Martha Paynter.

Graphic with individuals standing outside prison fences laughing, smiling, hugging, and holding children.
Artwork: Julia Hutt

Dr. Martha Paynter is Director of Nursing Research with the Contraception and Abortion Research Team (CART)-UBC and Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of New Brunswick, where her clinical teaching and research focus on the intersection of reproductive health and the criminal justice system. She is the Affiliate Scientist for the ROSE Clinic (Reproductive Options and Services), and the founder, director of research, and past chair of Wellness Within: An Organization for Health and Justice, the only organization in Canada dedicated to advancing reproductive justice for people experiencing criminalization. She is the author of Abortion to Abolition: Reproductive Health and Justice in Canada, which was published in Spring 2022 by Fernwood Publishing.

This seminar is a part of CHRR’s Critical Conversations seminar series. This year, the seminar series will focus on the CHRR’s research theme Reproductive and Bodily Justice and will explore histories of the body, reproduction, and care in Canada and beyond.


Listen to a podcast with Dr. Martha Paynter, as part of the Human Rights Hub “Humans, On Rights” series.

Poster for upcoming event with Martha Paynter. At the top of the poster is an image by Julia Hutt, with artwork of women and children outside prison gates. The women are laughing and hugging, and holding their children.

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