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April 05, 2023

Housing Discrimination and Human Rights

Event Date: April 05, 2023


Dr. Megan Earle, Canadian Centre for Housing Rights

Mary Burton, Fearless R2W

Azarias Butariho, New Journey Housing

Dr. Nancy Hansen, Disability Studies, University of Manitoba

Ryan McKay, Indigenous Input into Local Housing Project, Spence Neighbourhood Association

On Apr. 5, 2023 the Centre for Human Rights Research (CHRR) and the Canadian Centre for Housing Rights (CCHR) co-hosted a virtual webinar to learn about the CCHR’s new discrimination audit report and engage with local advocates, community workers, and researchers in a discussion about housing discrimination in Winnipeg.

About CCHR’s discrimination audit report: The Canadian Centre Housing Rights (CCHR) recently published a discrimination audit report called “Sorry, it’s rented.” Measuring Discrimination Against Newcomers in Toronto’s Rental Housing Market. The report examines the level of discrimination faced by newcomers in Toronto’s rental market, and how race, gender and parental status increases the likelihood of discrimination when searching for rental housing. The discrimination audit found that newcomers in Toronto face up to 11 times as much discrimination as non-newcomers when searching to secure rental housing. It also found that racialized newcomers experienced more discrimination compared to non-racialized newcomers when calling to inquire about a rental listing, and that certain family statuses compounded the experience of discrimination. The panel was chaired by Yutaka Dirks, CCHR.

Read the full report: https://housingrightscanada.com/reports/sorry-its-rented-2022/


Watch the video: https://youtu.be/exO8U6Q1edY

Mural by Christopher Statton and Megan Wilson, 2015

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