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December 09, 2022

Imagining the Peg as a Human Rights City

Event Date: December 09, 2022


Dr. Warren Clarke, Anthropology, University of Manitoba

Dr. Nathan Derejko, Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba

Reanna Merasty, Artist, Author, and Chair of the Welcoming Winnipeg Committee

Dr. Joel R. Pruce, University of Dayton Human Rights Centre,

Karen Sharma, Manitoba Human Rights Commission

Erica Bota, an illustrator, ThinkLink Graphics

Introductory remarks were from Leah Gazan, Member of Parliament for Winnipeg Centre

The Centre for Human Rights Research (CHRR), in partnership with the Centre for Social Sciences Research and Policy acknowledged Human Rights Day (December 10th) with a conversation with scholars, practitioners, activists, and people who identify as all three on ‘Imagining the Peg as a Human Rights City,’ on Dec. 9, 2022. The panel was chaired by Dr. Shayna Plaut.


Download the Graphic Recording: https://chrr.info/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/The-PEG-as-a-Human-Rights-City-FINAL1-2-scaled.jpg

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/SRKgrethkCE

Check out the Resource Guide on Human Rights Cities: https://chrr.info/other-resources/human-rights-cities-resource-list/

Read the article in UM Today: https://news.umanitoba.ca/exploring-winnipeg-as-a-human-rights-city/

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