Solidarities + Connections with Palestine: A Podcast

June 6, 2024

Centre for Human Rights Research

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Since the Nakba in 1948, countless Palestinians have been permanently displaced from their country due to the establishment of the state of Israel on Palestinian land. As of May 29, 2024, 36,171 Palestinians have been killed since October 2023 due to the genocide in Gaza, with approximately 1.7 million people being displaced (UN OCHA).

On February 28, 2024, the Centre for Human Rights Research held a virtual panel on Solidarities and Connections with Palestine . The panel sought to identify and develop connections between Treaty 1 and Palestine and we were honoured to host Winnipeg Centre MP Leah Gazan, Independent Jewish Voices Harold Shuster, University of Ottawa’s Alex Neve, and University of Toronto’s Youcef Soufi. Ethel Tungohan also joined the conversation. This conversation reminded us that is a crucial time for individuals, communities, and institutions to stand firmly for human rights — including the rights of people to live free of the human rights violations and international crime that have marked decades of occupation and violence in Israel and Palestine. Our latest podcast is drawn from the conversations from this webinar. Access the podcast at Spotify, Amazon Music, or iHeart Radio.

Artwork: “Wāpikwanīya (Flowers)” by Carly Morrisseau