Winnipeg Human Rights Tour

October 2023

Masters of Human Rights Program, Dr. Nathan Derejko, Dr. Kjell Anderson

Inked By: Erica Bota, ThinkLink

The Winnipeg Human Rights Tour began in 2022 as a way to introduce new Master of Human Rights program students to some of the many Human Rights aspects of Winnipeg. Beginning in St. Boniface at the grave of Louis Riel, founder of Manitoba, the tour has now been successfully delivered to two generations of Master of Human Rights students and has grown in content, scope and recognition.

The main goals of MHR program administrators is that the Tour sparks dialogue, promotes reflection, and educates participants about the dynamic nature of human rights. The Tour emphasizes how historical events have shaped Winnipeg’s present human rights climate and projects their significance into Canada’s future, intertwining past events with current activism and future aspirations for justice and inclusion.

The tour is focused on downtown Winnipeg and the Forks, and takes about two to three hours to walk. While primarily designed for university students to promote academic discussion and ideas, plans are in the works to expand the formal tour to a broader audience.

Notably, in 2023, program administrators commissioned an intricately designed map, enriched with additional stops of interest. More than just a tool for navigation, this map narrates Winnipeg’s ever-evolving journey in human rights. With concise descriptions of significant landmarks, participants are not only informed about historical events but are also introduced to ongoing human rights initiatives and potential future developments. The map fosters a deeper connection between the participants, the city’s history, its contemporary human rights scenario, and future aspirations.

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