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“Questioning Borders?” New Research Focus Coming July 2022

June 08, 2022


Corey Petsnik

In July 2022, the Centre for Human Rights Research (CHRR) will introduce a new research focus on Borders and Human Rights. We work to support and expand research of CHRR staff, research affiliates and partners who are exploring the intersection of borders and human rights, including how borders may impede access to human rights or be a source of right violations themselves.

The CHRR takes an intersectional approach to borders. We recognize that borders exist beyond the geo-political boundaries of states – and that it is often the state that forcibly creates and maintains the border in nations. We wish to explore borders that that may not fit under the “traditional” definitions of borders. These include borders of gender, race, Indigeneity, economy, health and the body, all borders that manifest within and across empires and states.  

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