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Olivia Macdonald Mager


Headshot of Olivia Macdonald Mager looking directly into the camera

Olivia Macdonald Mager (she/her) is a graduate student in her second year of the Archival Stream of the Joint Master’s Program in History between the University of Manitoba and University of Winnipeg. Olivia received a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in History from the U of M in June 2022 with minors in Economics and Business. During the Fall of 2022, Olivia worked as a Student Research Assistant at the Centre for Human Rights Research to produce a podcast titled “Missing the Bus.” Styled as an interview, the podcast discusses the research findings from ”Missing the Bus: Indigenous Women and Two-Spirit plus people and public transit in Western Canada” with the research authors Dr Adele Perry, Dr Karine Duhamel, and Dr Jocelyn Thorpe. My favourite thing about this position was expanding my understanding of the subject matter while gaining technical experience working with audio equipment and editing software. 

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