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Adam Muller




Dr. Adam Muller is preoccupied with rights issues arising from the sometime violent collisions of moral, aesthetic, political, and strategic discourses in works of art, especially works of narrative fiction and film. His work seeks to generate insights into the moral and other indignities accompanying suffering, spectatorial ethics (i.e. with the moral dimension of witnessing atrocity), historical truth claims, and representations of the defence and diminishment of human freedom. His scholarship is deeply implicated in a wider set of juridical, historical, moral-philosophical, and popular conversations about the universality of human rights. Muller played a lead role in development of a Master of Human Rights program at the University of Manitoba.


Muller, Adam. 2020. “Deterritorializing the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.” Museum and Society 18 (2): 82–97.

Busby, Karen, Adam Muller, and Andrew Woolford, eds. 2015. The Idea of a Human Rights Museum. Human Rights and Social Justice Series. Winnipeg, MB: University of Manitoba Press.,

Muller, Adam. 2006. “Notes toward a Theory of Nostalgia: Childhood and the Evocation of the Past in Two European” Heritage” Films.” New Literary History 37 (4): 739–60.

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