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Ashley Stewart-Tufescu


Assistant Professor


Dr. Ashley Stewart-Tufescu is an assistant professor and registered social worker whose research and practice focus on children’s rights and child maltreatment. She has travelled extensively to implement and evaluate a rights-based program to prevent violence against children in challenging contexts and under-served settings, including chronic conflict zones and regions recovering from natural disasters.


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Durrant, Joan E., Ashley Stewart-Tufescu, and Tracie O. Afifi. 2020. “Recognizing the Child’s Right to Protection from Physical Violence: An Update on Progress and a Call to Action.” Child Abuse & Neglect 110 (December): 104297.,

Durrant, J. E., Stewart-Tufescu, A., Ateah, C., Holden, G. W., Ahmed, R., Jones, A., … & Mori, I. (2020). Addressing punitive violence against children in Australia, Japan and the Philippines. Journal of Pacific Rim Psychology, 14.

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