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Bruno de Oliveira Jayme


Assistant Professor


Dr. Bruno de Oliveira Jayme is a queer visual artist and an assistant professor in the Faculty of Education. Born and raised in Brazil, Dr. de Oliveira Jayme uses arts–based research to trouble the complex apparatus that produces and reproduces poverty and marginalization in developing countries. Through artistic expressions, Dr. de Oliveira Jayme’s research brings forth hidden narratives of oppression, untold stories of inequity, but above all, the dreams of an alternative reality for one self, a process in which he identifies as the pedagogy of possible dreams. 


Moore, Shannon Dawn Maree, Bruno De Oliveira Jayme, and Joanna Black. 2021. “Disaster Capitalism, Rampant EdTech Opportunism, and the Advancement of Online Learning in the Era of COVID19.” Critical Education 12 (2).,

Saccucci, Brent Franco, and Bruno de Oliveira Jayme. 2020. “High Heels, Empty Bottles and Other Interesting Pedagogical Artefacts Mediating Social Movement Learning.” Journal of the Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies 18 (1): 99–100.,

Jayme, Bruno de Oliveira, Erika Germanos, and Brent Franco Saccucci. 2020. “Recycling Stories: Community Art and Deliberative Democracy Opening Spaces for Civic Engagement.” Journal of the Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies 18 (1): 135–36.

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