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Christine Mayor


Assistant Professor


Dr. Christine Mayor is an assistant professor in social work at the inner-city ACCESS program at the University of Manitoba. Her critical and interdisciplinary research focuses on educational equity, trauma, racism, and anti-carceral/abolitionist practices. As a Board Certified Trainer and Registered Drama Therapist, she is also experienced with the use of arts for healing, activism, and a method of research.


Mayor, Christine. 2022. “Anti-Racist Research Praxis: Feminist Relational Accountability and Arts-Based Reflexive Memoing for Qualitative Data Collection in Social Work Research.” Affilia 37 (4): 624–44.,

Mayor, Christine, and Shoshana Pollack. 2022. “Creative Writing and Decolonizing Intersectional Feminist Critical Reflexivity: Challenging Neoliberal, Gendered, White, Colonial Practice Norms in the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Affilia 37 (3): 382–95.,

Frydman, Jason Scott, and Christine Mayor. 2017. “Trauma and Early Adolescent Development: Case Examples from a Trauma-Informed Public Health Middle School Program.” Children & Schools 39 (4): 238–47.

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