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Colin Bonnycastle


Senior Scholar


Prof. Colin Bonnycastle is a Senior Scholar and former director of the northern social work program in Thompson. He has done or is involved in research on homelessness, gendered violence, childcare, water security, and women and economic restructuring in the North. He has also written in the areas of social work ethics, charity, religion and social welfare, and social justice.


Hill, Stewart, Marleny M. Bonnycastle, and Shirley Thompson. 2020. “COVID-19 Policies Increase the Inequity in Northern Manitoba’s  Indigenous Communities.” In COVID-19 in Manitoba: Public Policy Responses to the First Wave, edited by Andrea Rounce and Karine Levasseur, 98–118. Winnipeg, MB: University of Manitoba Press.,

Bonnycastle, Colin, Judith Hughes, Marleny M. Bonnycastle, Kendra Nixon, and Allison Groening. 2019. “Re-Establishing Their Lives: Issues Relating to Affordable Housing for Women and Their Children Escaping Violent Relationships in Northern Manitoba.” Winnipeg, MB: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. https://www.policyalternatives.ca/publications/reports/re-establishing-their-lives.,

Nixon, Kendra L., Colin Bonnycastle, and Stephanie Ens. 2017. “Challenging the Notion of Failure to Protect: Exploring the Protective Strategies of Abused Mothers Living in Urban and Remote Communities and Implications for Practice.” Child Abuse Review 26 (1): 63–74.

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