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Donn Short


Associate Dean


Dr. Donn Short’s primary research interest is safe schools, with a focus on homophobic and transphobic bullying. He is the recipient of a research fellowship from the Law Foundation of British Columbia, as well as a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council standard research grant. Dr. Short is committed to the rights of artists and is a member of PEN Canada and the Playwrights Guild of Canada. At Robson Hall, he founded the group Outlaws and he is the founding editor of the Canadian Journal of Human Rights.


Short, Donn, Bruce MacDougall, and Paul Terence Clarke. 2021. Making the Case: 2SLGBTQ+ Rights and Religion in Schools. Vancouver, BC: Purich Books,

Campbell, Christopher, Catherine Taylor, Elizabeth Mercy, Tracey Peter, Janice Ristock, and Donn Short. 2019. “Overcoming Barriers:  Addressing Educators’ Misconceptions and Fears about LGBTQ2+-Inclusive Education.” Education Canada Magazine, May 17, 2019.,

Taylor, Catherine G., Elizabeth J. Meyer, Tracey Peter, Janice Ristock, Donn Short, and Christopher Campbell. 2016. “Gaps between Beliefs, Perceptions, and Practices: The Every Teacher Project on LGBTQ-Inclusive Education in Canadian Schools.” Journal of LGBT Youth 13 (1–2): 112–40.

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