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Fenton Litwiller


Assistant Professor

Dr. Fenton Litwiller is a leisure scholar and assistant professor. Their research program emphasizes the use of critical inquiry to investigate inclusive recreation environments.


Dykstra, K. J., and Fenton Litwiller. 2020. “‘Are You Trying to Make Them Gay?’: Culture Wars, Anxieties about Genderplay, and the Subsequent Impacts on Youth.” Leisure Sciences, 1–12.,

Gallant, Karen, Susan Hutchinson, Catherine M. White, Barbara Hamilton-Hinch, Fenton Litwiller, Heidi Lauckner, and Robyn Burns. 2020. “Reaching out to Welcome in: Guidelines for Socially Inclusive Recreation Settings and Programs for People with Mental Health Challenges” 44 (3): 327–51.,

Litwiller, Fenton, Catherine White, Karen Anne Gallant, Robert Gilbert, Susan Hutchinson, Barbara Hamilton-Hinch, and Heidi Lauckner. 2017. “The Benefits of Recreation for the Recovery and Social Inclusion of Individuals with Mental Illness: An Integrative Review.” Leisure Sciences 39 (1): 1–19.

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