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Hai Luo


Associate Professor


Dr. Hai Luo’s work addresses social and health issues of older adults of diverse cultural backgrounds and the implications to social work theory and practice. Her research and publications includes cross-cultural aging, end-of-life issues from cultural perspectives, barriers for older immigrants to access healthcare, gambling and addictions among older immigrants, elder abuse in culturally minoritized groups, and social capital for older adults. She is involved in local and international projects to study active aging and cultural minority older adults.


Yu, Zhihong, Hai Luo, Weijia Tan, and Liya Niu. 2022. “A Case Study of Social Work Leadership in the Pandemic Intervention in Wuhan.” The British Journal of Social Work 52 (4): 2183–97.

El-Bialy, Rowan, Laura Funk, Genevieve Thompson, Malcolm Smith, Philip St John, Kerstin Roger, Jamie Penner, and Hai Luo. 2022. “Imperfect Solutions to the Neoliberal Problem of Public Aging: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Public Narratives of Long-Term Residential Care.” Canadian Journal on Aging 41 (1): 121–34.,

Luo, Hai. 2020. “An Exploratory Study through a Life Course Perspective: Gambling among Older Chinese People in a Canadian Context.” Ageing International, July.

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