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Idris Elbakri


Idris Elbakri grew up in Palestine, and made Winnipeg home for many years. Over the years, Idris has emerged as a voice for Canadian Muslims and Canadian Palestinians in Manitoba, while also supporting a broad range of human rights causes as a friend and ally. He has volunteered and served through several community organizations. He is also a member of the City of Winnipeg Human Rights Committee. He has given numerous media interviews and spoken in several forums on topics related to Muslims in Manitoba, Islamophobia, and Palestine and has published a number of editorial opinions in the Winnipeg Free Press and CBC Manitoba. His passion for freedom and justice is driven by the multi-generational experience of his family as they struggled with colonialism. Professionally, Idris works in healthcare and has an appointment as an assistant professor at the University of Manitoba.


Sotiriadou, Eve, and Idris Elbakri. 2022. “Community Experiences with Islamophobia.” Winnipeg, MB: Manitoba Islamic Association.

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