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Jacquie Vorauer




Dr. Jacquie Vorauer‘s research centres on “metaperceptions,” that is, people’s beliefs about how they are viewed by others. In particular, she examines communication breakdowns that pose obstacles to positive relationships between individuals and groups. Her long-term goal is to identify ways in which such obstacles can be overcome. Vorauer applied her expertise to First Nations water rights research co-ordinated by the Centre for Human Rights Research.


Petsnik, Corey, and Jacquie D. Vorauer. 2023. “A Perceived Control-Relationally Devaluing Experiences Model of Low Socioeconomic Status Vulnerability to Negative Relationship Outcomes.” Journal of Social Issues 79 (1): 291–333.,

Vorauer, Jacquie D., and Corey Petsnik. 2023. “The Disempowering Implications for Members of Marginalized Groups of Imposing a Focus on Personal Experiences in Discussions of Intergroup Issues.” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 125 (1): 117–40.,

Vorauer, Jacquie D., Kelley J. Main, and Gordon B. O’Connell. 1998. “How Do Individuals Expect to Be Viewed by Members of Lower Status Groups? Content and Implications of Meta-Stereotypes.” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 75 (4): 917–37.

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