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Jane Ursel


Senior Scholar


Dr. Jane Ursel was the founding director of RESOLVE, a tri-provincial research network on interpersonal violence.  She has led two longitudinal studies: an 18-year analysis of the first family violence criminal court in Canada and a six-year study of women who have experienced violence in their intimate partner relationships. Ursel now leads research analyzing criminal sexual assault complaint attrition rates.


Faller, Y. Nichole, Melissa Anne Wuerch, Mary Rucklos Hampton, Sylvia Barton, Cheryl Fraehlich, Darlene Juschka, Krista Milford, Pertice Moffitt, E. Jane Ursel, and Alexis Zederayko. 2021. “A Web of Disheartenment With Hope on the Horizon: Intimate Partner Violence in Rural and Northern Communities.” Journal of Interpersonal Violence 36 (9–10): 4058–83.,

Tutty, Leslie M., H. L. Radtke, Christine A. Ateah, E. Jane Ursel, Wilfreda E. (Billie) Thurston, Mary Hampton, and Kendra Nixon. 2021. “The Complexities of Intimate Partner Violence: Mental Health, Disabilities, and Child Abuse History for White, Indigenous, and Other Visible Minority Canadian Women.” Journal of Interpersonal Violence 36 (3–4): 1208–32.,

Tutty, Leslie M., H. Lorraine Radtke, Wilfreda E. Billie Thurston, E. Jane Ursel, Kendra L. Nixon, Mary Ruklos Hampton, and Christine A. Ateah. 2020. “A Longitudinal Study of the Well-Being of Canadian Women Abused by Intimate Partners: A Healing Journey.” Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma, October, 1–23.

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