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Janice Ristock




Dr. Janice Ristock is Provost and Vice-President (Academic) Emeritus and professor of women’s and gender studies. Her scholarly work reflects an overarching focus on community mental health and social justice. Her research is in three intersecting areas: gender and sexuality; interpersonal violence; and health and stigma. She has gained international recognition for her research on violence in lgbttq lives and on community-based research methodologies.


Bryson, Mary K., Evan T. Taylor, Lorna Boschman, Tae L. Hart, Jacqueline Gahagan, Genevieve Rail, and Janice Ristock. 2020. “Awkward Choreographies from Cancer’s Margins: Incommensurabilities of Biographical and Biomedical Knowledge in Sexual and/or Gender Minority Cancer Patients’ Treatment.” The Journal of Medical Humanities 41 (3): 341–61.,

Crawford, Jess, Annette S. H. Schultz, Janice Linton, Marnie Kramer, and Janice Ristock. 2023. “Gender-Affirming Care in Undergraduate Nursing Education: A Scoping Review Protocol.” BMJ Open 13 (3): e070576.,

Kenyon, Katherine M., Diane Hiebert-Murphy, Janice Ristock, and Maria I. Medved. 2020. “The Process of Empowerment Reflected in Women’s Narratives of Their Stay in a Domestic Violence Shelter.” Partner Abuse 11 (1): 3–21.

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