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Jennifer Watt


Assistant Professor

Dr. Jennifer Watt’s research focuses on how teachers, learners, and families can cultivate compassion, well-being, and well-becoming in times of crisis, uncertainty, and discomfort particularly through life writing as a pedagogical process for telling stories about what matter most about teaching and learning. Jennifer is a Co-Director of the Manitoba Writing Project and part of the Well-Being and Well-Becoming in Schools in Canada Research Initiative. Currently, Jennifer is shifting her research focus to explore the ways in which educators have ethical responsibilities to support students who have experienced the trauma of sexual assault and gender violence and pedagogical responsibilities to teach students about sexual consent and healthy relationships.


Honeyford, Michelle A., and Jennifer Watt. 2020. “Practising Place-Thought and Engaging in Critical Place Inquiry in a Public Park: Listening, Letting Go, and Unsettling Our Writing Pedagogies.” In Transforming Language and Literacy Education: New Materialism, Posthumanism, and Ontoethics, edited by Kelleen Toohey, Suzanne Smythe, Diane Dagenais, and Magali Forte. New York: Routledge.

Honeyford, Michelle A., and Jennifer Watt. 2018. “Burrowing and Becoming: Teaching Writing in Uncertain Times.” Pedagogies: An International Journal 13 (3): 260–79.,

Watt, Jennifer. 2020. “Splashes of Light: Parents of Children with Dyslexia Explore Experiences through Visual Arts.” International Journal of Education Through Art 16 (1): 115–28.

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