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Jonathan Peyton


Associate Professor

Dr. Jonathan Peyton is an associate professor in the department of environment and geography. His work bridges environmental geography and political ecology and develops a historical and cultural approach to questions of resource, extraction and development conflicts. His work assesses the social and environmental effects of large-scale infrastructure projects, development schemes and resource programs, particularly in Canada’s North. Current projects aim to analyse the early stages of Arctic oil and gas regimes, the emergence of Prairie resource cultures in times of transition, and the political ecology of urban natures in Winnipeg.


Graef, Dana J., Montina Cole, Alan P. Covich, Jorge A. Huete-Pérez, Amanda Maxwell, Jonathan Peyton, Andrew Stuhl, and Julie Velásquez Runk. 2022. “How Is the World Shaped by Infrastructure Projects That Have Been Cancelled or Stalled?” https://doi.org/10.13016/XXRF-XIVX.,

Peyton, Warren Bernauer, Jonathan. 2021. “Energy Extraction, Resistance, and Political Change in Inuit Nunangat.” In The Inuit World. Routledge.,

Peyton, Jonathan, and James Wilt, eds. 2020. “The Day After: Infrastructure. The Fourth Installment in an Ongoing Series Analyzing the Perils and Possibilities of Our Collective Response to COVID-19.” Canadian Dimension. https://canadiandimension.com/articles/view/the-day-after-infrastructure.

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