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Joyce Chadya


Associate Professor


Dr. Joyce Chadya is an associate professor of African history whose research deals with social justice and the rights of women and children in post-colonial contexts. She is also a member of CHRR’s Advisory Board.


Chadya, Joyce M. 2011. “Slavery, Emancipation and Colonial Rule in South Africa (Review).” Journal of World History 22 (1): 196–99.,

Chadya, Joyce M. 2003. “Mother Politics: Anti-Colonial Nationalism and the Woman Question in Africa.” Journal of Women’s History 15 (3): 153–57.,

Chadya, Joyce M. 2008. “Voting with Their Feet: Women’s Flight to Harare during Zimbabwe’s Liberation War.” Journal of the Canadian Historical Association 18 (2): 24–52.

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