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Judy Hughes


Associate Professor


Dr. Judy Hughes researches how professional service providers understand and respond to intimate partner violence. She recently studied the ways women indirectly disclose abuse to community health nurses and how the nurses recognize these verbal cues as indicators of intimate partner violence. In another project, Hughes studies the experiences of women who are negotiating child custody arrangements and/or being investigated within the child welfare system.


Archer‐Kuhn, Beth, Michael Saini, Judith Hughes, Dora Tam, and Diane I. N. Trudgill. 2023. “A Survey of Mothers’ Experiences of Shared Parenting and Domestic Violence.” Family Court Review 61 (2): 395–412.,

Bonnycastle, Colin, Judith Hughes, Marleny M. Bonnycastle, Kendra Nixon, and Allison Groening. 2019. “Re-Establishing Their Lives: Issues Relating to Affordable Housing for Women and Their Children Escaping Violent Relationships in Northern Manitoba.” Winnipeg, MB: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. https://www.policyalternatives.ca/publications/reports/re-establishing-their-lives.,

Hughes, Judy. 2020. “Women’s Advocates and Shelter Residents: Describing Experiences of Working and Living in Domestic Violence Shelters.” Journal of Interpersonal Violence 35 (15–16): 3034–53.

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