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Katherine Starzyk


Associate Professor


Dr. Katherine Starzyk is a Polish-Canadian associate professor in social and personality psychology and director of the Social Justice Laboratory. She is also a founding member of the Centre for Human Rights Research and a research affiliate of the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation. She aims to understand how to shift attitudes toward past and present human rights issues. Starzyk is responsible for the Canadian Reconciliation Barometer project, funded by a SSHRC Insight Grant. The goal of the project is to develop a measure of reconciliation that is acceptable to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.


Neufeld, Katelin H. S., Katherine B. Starzyk, Gregory D. Boese, Iloradanon H. Efimoff, and Stephen Wright. 2022. “‘The More You Know’: Critical Historical Knowledge About Indian Residential Schools Increases Non-Indigenous Canadians’ Empathy for Indigenous Peoples.” Political Psychology 43 (4): 617–33.,

Woolford, Andrew, Katherine B Starzyk, Struan Sinclair, Adam Muller, and David B MacDonald. 2022. “‘I Definitely Felt like I Was There’: Enacting Empathy and Negotiating a Virtual Reality Indian Residential School.” AlterNative: An International Journal of Indigenous Peoples 18 (3): 412–23.,

Starzyk, Katherine B., Katelin H. S. Neufeld, Danielle Gaucher, Jacquie D. Vorauer, Aleah S. M. Fontaine, Matthew S. Quesnel, and Alexa R. Yakubovich. 2021. “‘Is Water a Human Right?’: Priming Water as a Human Right Increases Support for Government Action.” The International Indigenous Policy Journal 12 (3).

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