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Lori Wilkinson




Dr. Lori Wilkinson focuses on the migration and resettlement experiences of refugees, particularly children, youth and their families. She is the director of Immigration Research West and was recently appointed as Canada Research Chair in Migration Futures. Wilkinson is currently working on a nationally funded study on the arrival experiences of Afghan refugees to Canada, a study of gender- and sexually-based violence experienced by refugee women, and heads a three nation study of the socioeconomic and mental health effects of the COVID-19 social and economic restrictions on immigrant and refugee families.


Luo, Yazhi, and Lori Wilkinson. 2023. “International Students from Asia in a Mid-Sized Canadian University: A University of Manitoba Case Study.” In International Students from Asia in Canadian Universities, edited by Ann Kim, Elizabeth Buckner, and Jean Michel Montsion, 202–16. New York: Routledge.

Tastsoglou, Evangelia, Chantelle Falconer, Mia Sisic, Myrna Dawson, and Lori Wilkinson. 2022. “The Gender of Canadian Legal and Policy Gender-Based Violence and Immigration Frameworks.” In Gender-Based Violence in Migration: Interdisciplinary, Feminist and Intersectional Approaches, edited by Jane Freedman, Nina Sahraoui, and Evangelia Tastsoglou, 85–111. Cham: Springer International Publishing.

Thomas, Jasmine, Murlat-Valérie Georges, Sally Ogoe, Avery Hallberg, Nikol Veisman, Lori Wilkinson, Paul Holley, Ravindra Shrestha, and Kiera Ladner. 2022. “The Role of Financial Insecurity, Racial Discrimination, and Comorbid Health Conditions on Mental Health in Canada and the United States During the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Canadian Ethnic Studies 54 (3): 177–203.

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