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Lorna Turnbull




Dr. Lorna Turnbull’s primary areas of research include women’s equality as shaped by laws related to economic rights and obligations, and workplace regulation and social inclusion as these impact upon care for dependents. Her teaching interests include international and domestic human rights law, taxation law and policy, gender and equality and women’s rights in a global context. Dr. Turnbull holds a cross appointment with the Arthur V. Mauro Centre for Peace and Justice at St. Paul’s College.


Matthews, Maureen, Margaret Simmons, Myra Tait, and Lorna A. Turnbull. 2023. “Naanaaba’amii: In the Footsteps of Others.” Storia Delle Donne, August, 139–64.,

Enns, Jennifer E, Marni Brownell, Hera J M Casidsid, Mikayla Hunter, Anita Durksen, Lorna A Turnbull, Nathan C Nickel, et al. 2023. “The Full SPECTRUM: Developing a Tripartite Partnership between Community, Government and Academia for Collaborative Social Policy Research.” Gateways: International Journal of Community Research and Engagement 16 (1).,

Lee, Janelle Boram, Marni Brownell, Tracie Afifi, Lorna Turnbull, Marcelo Urquia, and Nathan Nickel. 2022. “Prenatal Exposure to Intimate Partner Violence and Developmental Health in Children at Kindergarten: Linking Canadian Population-Level Administrative Data.” International Journal of Population Data Science 7 (3).

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