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Melanie Janzen




Dr. Melanie Janzen is an associate professor in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning at the University of Manitoba. Her research is informed by critical and feminist theories, with a central focus on exploring the inter-related workings of power and discourses, particularly as they relate to the identities of teachers and children. Her research includes two SSHRC-funded projects on exploring the emotional toll of obligation in teaching and on improving educational experiences for children in care. In addition, she is interested in critical analyses of children’s rights and the implications of rights-based discourses for children and schooling.


Heringer, Rebeca, and Melanie Janzen. 2023. “Is There Room For the Other in a ‘Modernized’ Education?” Critical Education 14 (1): 56–71.,

Janzen, Melanie D. 2022. “Stigmatized: In/Forming Identities of Children in Care.” Power and Education.,

Colorado, Cara, and Melanie D. Janzen. 2021. “A Critical Discourse Analysis of School-Based Behavioural Policies: Reconceptualizing Understandings of Responses to Student (Mis)Behaviours.” Canadian Journal of Educational Administration and Policy, no. 195: 64–78.

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