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Melanie O’Gorman


Associate Professor


Dr. Melanie O’Gorman  is a development economist at the University of Winnipeg with experience with fieldwork and policy analysis in a number of developing countries. She is involved in economic analysis for the Centre for Human Rights Research First Nations drinking water project.


O’Gorman, Melanie, and Holly Carpenter. 2022. “How Do You Double the Number of High School Graduates? A Snapshot of Schooling in Tuktoyaktuk, NWT.” The Morning Watch: Educational and Social Analysis 48 (1-Spring).,

O’Gorman, Melanie. 2021. “Mental and Physical Health Impacts of Water/Sanitation Infrastructure in First Nations Communities in Canada: An Analysis of the Regional Health Survey.” World Development 145: 105517.,

Islam, Khan, and Melanie O’Gorman. 2019. “Microcredit Contract Design: A Macroeconomic Evaluation.” World Development 124: 104634.

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