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Michelle Honeyford


Associate Professor


Dr. Michelle Honeyford‘s research focuses on literacy, identity and citizenship, particularly around issues related to rights and representation. Her work involves building partnerships with teachers, schools, and communities to design more equitable, advocative and activist pedagogies for youth – including undocumented immigrant youth, youth in alternative education, and youth in afterschool programs – largely through writing, digital photography and multimodal literacies. She co-leads the Manitoba Writing Project with colleague Wayne Serebrin.


Honeyford, Michelle A., Shelley Warkentin, and Karla Ferreira da Costa. 2022. “Perplexities and Possibilities in Literacy Curriculum and Pedagogical Change: A Research Partnership and Experiment in Materialist Methodologies.” In Unsettling Literacies: Directions for Literacy Research in Precarious Times, edited by Claire Lee, Chris Bailey, Cathy Burnett, and Jennifer Rowsell, 147–63. Cultural Studies and Transdisciplinarity in Education. Singapore: Springer.

Honeyford, Michelle, and Burcu Yaman Ntelioglou. 2021. “Beyond ‘Trying to Find a Number’: Proposing a Relational Ontology for Reconceptualizing Assessment in K−12 Language and Literacy Classrooms.” The Canadian Modern Language Review 77 (4): 427–46.,

Sánchez, Lenny, and Michelle A. Honeyford. 2021. “Creating Critically Engaged Classrooms through Community Literacies.” Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy 65 (1): 9–15.

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