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Nancy Kang


Associate Professor


Dr. Nancy Kang is Canada Research Chair in Transnational Feminisms and Gender-Based Violence and Associate Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Manitoba. A literary scholar by training, she engages in interdisciplinary feminist and ethnic studies research by and about women of color.


Kang, Nancy. 2022. “‘Rubbed Inflections of Litany and Myth.’” Meridians 21 (2): 371–96.,

Kang, Nancy. 2022. “The Homoerotics of ‘Negrotarian’ Patronage in Langston Hughes’s ‘The Blues I’m Playing.’” Twentieth-Century Literature 68 (1): 75–100.,

Kang, Nancy. 2021. “Copying and Conjugation: Lesbian Autohistoriography as Reproduction in Alicia Gaspar de Albas Sor Juana’s Second Dream.” Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies 42 (2): 133–57.

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