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Nathalie Piquemal




Dr. Nathalie Piquemal’s research and teaching examine education from a human rights perspective. Her specialty is intercultural and international education, with a focus on issues of cultural discontinuities as experienced by minority students. Dr. Piquemal’s areas of interest also include research ethics; immigration, language and culture; cultural and linguistic discontinuities; and Aboriginal education.


Huot, Suzanne, Luisa Veronis, Leyla Sall, Nathalie Piquemal, and Faïçal Zellama. 2023. “Prioritising Community Cohesion to Promote Immigrant Retention: The Politics of Belonging in Canadian Francophone Minority Communities.” Journal of International Migration and Integration.,

Piquemal, Nathalie, Faiçal Zellama, Leyla Sall, and Bathélemy Bolivar. 2023. “Multicultural Hospitality and Immigration in Winnipeg, Manitoba: Host–Guest Dynamics.” Hospitality & Society 13 (1): 41–62.,

Sall, Leyla, Luisa Veronis, Suzanne Huot, Nathalie Piquemal, and Faïçal Zellama. 2021. “Immigration et Francophonies Minoritaires Canadiennes : Les Apories de La Cohésion Sociale.” Francophonies d’Amérique, no. 51: 87–115.

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