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Nathan Derejko


Assistant Professor

Dr. Nathan Derejko is the Mauro Chair in Human Rights and Social Justice and Assistant Professor of Law at Robson Hall Faculty of Law. Derejko’s research and teaching interests span three interrelated fields of international law: international human rights law, international humanitarian law, and collective security and the use of force (jus ad bellum). He has a particular interest in the applicability and application of human rights law during armed conflict, counter-terrorism and human rights, climate change and human rights, and the law and practice of non-international armed conflict.


Derejko, Nathan. 2023. Identifying Non-International Armed Conflict: International Law and Practice. Cambridge University Press.,

Derejko, Nathan. 2021. “A Forever War? Rethinking the Temporal Scope of Non-International Armed Conflict.” Journal of Conflict and Security Law 26 (2): 347–76.

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