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Nicole Wilson


Assistant Professor


Dr. Nicole Wilson is an assistant professor from the Department of Environment & Geography and the Centre for Earth Observation Sciences. She is a scholar of settler origin whose research focuses on Indigenous peoples, environmental governance and environmental change in the Arctic. In particular, her research examines the many ways that Indigenous peoples are asserting their self-determination and revitalizing their governance systems to respond to various stressors, including climate change and resource development. She has examined these topics in a number of contexts, including Indigenous-led community-based monitoring, water governance and policy, and climate change adaptation.


Wilson, Nicole J, Teresa Montoya, Yanna Lambrinidou, Leila M Harris, Benjamin J Pauli, Deborah McGregor, Robert J Patrick, Silvia Gonzalez, Gregory Pierce, and Amber Wutich. 2023. “From ‘Trust’ to ‘Trustworthiness’: Retheorizing Dynamics of Trust, Distrust, and Water Security in North America.” Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space 6 (1): 42–68.,

Wilson, Nicole J., Maria G. Lira, and Grace O’Hanlon. 2022. “A Systematic Scoping Review of Indigenous Governance Concepts in the Climate Governance Literature.” Climatic Change 171 (3): 32.,

Wilson, Nicole J. 2020. “Querying Water Co-Governance: Yukon First Nations and Water Governance in the Context of Modern Land Claim Agreements.” Water Alternatives 13 (1): 93–118.

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