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Quiyan Yuan


Associate Professor


Dr. Qiuyan Yuan is a civil engineering associate professor aims to develop sustainable technologies for water and waste treatment processes that will reduce the environmental burden, carbon footprint, and greenhouse gas emissions. She is also interested in community outreach to promote environmental awareness. Yuan is involved with research on First Nations water issues.


Karpisek, Vanja, MD Tanvir Hasnine, Nazim Cicek, and Qiuyan Yuan. 2023. “Natural Wetlands Contribution on Phosphorus Removal in Small Northern Communities in Canada.” Environmental Technology 44 (1): 130–38.,


Thapa, Pradeep, MD Tanvir Hasnine, Ali Zoungrana, Sandeep Thakur, and Qiuyan Yuan. 2022. “Food Waste Treatments and the Impact of Composting on Carbon Footprint in Canada.” Fermentation 8 (10): 566.

Islam, Mofizul, and Qiuyan Yuan. 2018. “First Nations Wastewater Treatment Systems in Canada: Challenges and Opportunities.” Edited by Murat Eyvaz. Cogent Environmental Science 4 (1): 1458526.

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